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  • Office of Performance & Accountability

    Striving to be a trusted resource driving progress and results.

  • Office of Performance & Accountability

    The Office of Performance and Accountability (OPA) is leading the implementation of a comprehensive performance management program.

    Grounded in national best practices, this program will lead to improved processes, optimized service delivery, increased accountability supported by data, and greater transparency about goals and corresponding efforts – a trackable and reportable journey, coordinated across the City's departments. 

    OPA staff leads three primary programs that will help the City efficiently manage operations, evaluate performance and identify areas for improvement.


    The robust management of Virginia Beach's Strategic Plan is a collaborative effort that is led by City Council's vision and leadership.

    The Strategic Plan translates vision and goals into an actionable strategy across five key focus areas:

    • 21st Century Infrastructure
    • Safe and Healthy Community
    • Growing Economic Opportunity
    • Thriving Neighborhoods
    • Innovative and Sustainable Government


    Provides intentional focus on performance for areas of current organizational priorities and needs.

    VBStat subscribes to the following tenets:

    • Accurate and timely intelligence shared by all
    • Deployment of effective tactics and strategies
    • Utilization of data to rapidly deploy resources
    • Relentlessly following up and routinely assessing


    The deliberate management and coordination of departmental strategy and performance through:

    • Departmental Performance Plans
    • Performance management
    • Process improvement by collaborating with staff and external stakeholders to bring new ideas and improved practices into City government in efforts to bring about better outcomes for the organization and community